STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender (R)

SS-4922770001 5060483281018
STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender (R) SS-4922770001 5060483281018
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The STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender has been designed in partnership with ISC following extensive feedback from industry professionals requesting a more robust product. Durability and Functionality were paramount during the development process! Utilising tried & tested geometry to provide a smooth upward movement and positive engagement on the rope.

Features & Benefits


The DJANGO unique Stainless Steel cam allows positive engagement on the rope for a firm and reliable grip, with minimal wear to the sheath.

Spring Tension:

The cam-spring underwent extensive testing to ensure that it offered sufficient tension (so as not to easily ‘pop-off’), but still allow the device to move freely upwards without towing the trailing rope.

Foot-operable Cam Lever:

The foot-operable cam lever can be used to easily open and close (engage/disengage) the cam. The cam lever can also be hooked over the body of the device to hold the cam in the open (disengaged) position.

Removable Cam Lever:

The foot lever can easily be removed should the user prefer by removing an Allen Screw. Removing the foot lever allows a greater range of pivot of the cam. This in turn allows the user to deliberately remove the rope from the device, by using a kick technique, with only the leg that the device is mounted on.

Abrasion Resistant Straps:

The DJANGO mounting strap and protective under-foot sleeve are made from specifically developed webbing. Undergoing extensive abrasion testing and field test show superior durability in harsh conditions.

Fully Adjustable Straps:

The DJANGO is fully adjustable on both the horizontal and vertical straps, allowing the user to position the cam body on the boot, according to preference.

Creep-free Webbing:

The combination of the webbing design and the design of the mounting slots & buckles ensure that once adjusted to the desired position, (using the horizontal and vertical adjustment buckles), the DJANJO remains in position throughout use.

Easy to Fit/Remove:

The main Strap buckle is tightened by firmly pulling the webbing strap; and is released by pulling the toggle upwards in a one-handed action. The special design of the anti-slip buckle prevents unwanted strap loosening during use.


Additional Information

GTIN / EAN13 5060483281018
Application Climbing
Material Aluminium
Rope Size (mm) 8 - 13
Cam Style Lockable
Length (mm) 75
Width (mm) 52
Weight (g) 198
Colour Blue
Proof Tested Yes
Standard Not PPE
Finish Anodised
Serial Number Yes
Manufacturer STEIN
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